[ros-users] cmvision outputs too many blobs

Miguel Prada miguel.register at gmail.com
Mon May 24 08:16:51 UTC 2010


I just started using 'cmvision' package to track some leds mounted on a robot arm and there's one thing that bothers me about the message it outputs.

The amount of blobs in the 'blobs/blobs[]' array is almost always greater than what 'blobs/blob_count' states. Looking at the code I found this is due to the fact that the 'blobs/blobs[]' array is never shrinked in size, so if at any time 100 blobs are found, the message will always output info for 100 blobs, even if currently only 1 or 2 blobs are present. Is this correct? If it is, wouldn't it be better for performance's sake to only output the blobs that are present?

In my use case, where I want to track some leds, if I start the program with the ambient light too high the node finds lots of blobs and then the message size is too big for the rest of the execution time, where just a few blobs are detected.

Am I missing some reason for this package to work this way?

Best regards,

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