[ros-users] Tiny bug is founded in camera_calibration.

sh2723 at columbia.edu sh2723 at columbia.edu
Mon May 24 16:30:50 UTC 2010


I happened to find the tiny bug in camera_calibration. When  
calibration data is shown on the terminal, D (distortion) just showed  
4 values even though 5 values should be shown in D as distortion  
showed 5 value. It seems to occur because the last value of distortion  
is zero.

D =  [-0.29496962080028677, 0.12120859315219049,  
-0.0019941265153862824, 0.0012058185627261283]

-0.294970 0.121209 -0.001994 0.001206 0.0000

I hope it will be fixed in the next version.


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