[ros-users] rviz visualization freezes sending a goal to navigation stack

Ander Ansuategui aansuategui at tekniker.es
Mon May 31 07:34:46 UTC 2010

Hi all,

After reading the navigation tutorials I have successfully configured the navigation stack in order to use it with our Segway RMP 200 robot. However, I have found some problems using rviz with the navigation stack.

When I start up rviz for the first time, everything works fine until I send a nav goal. Then, the robot starts moving, but the visualization freezes. The underlying navigation stack works well, but rviz stays frozen until I rerun it. Once I close the rviz window and open it again, it works again, until another nav goal is sent.

I am running it on a DELL Latitude E6500 laptop (with an Intel Centrino2 VPro processor and Intel GMA X4500 HD graphics card) under Ubuntu 9.10. Any help is appreciated.



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