[ros-users] Package names

Dave.Haddon at csiro.au Dave.Haddon at csiro.au
Mon May 31 23:54:07 UTC 2010


I have been working through the tutorials and have coma across a problem.
In the CreatingPackage tutorial.

I created a package called lcd-display (This is functionality that I want to
do first).  Everything seemed to work until I got to the CreatingMsgAndSrv
tutorial where 'rosmsg show' would not work on my created message.

user at pc:/scratch/ros/asl/lcd-display$ rosmsg show Num
ERROR: unable to load Num
Unknown msg type: lcd-display/Num

I could not build the package as I would get compilation errors:

[ 33%] Generating ../src/lcd-display/msg/_Num.py
[genmsg_py]: generating messages for the following packages: ['lcd-display']
ERROR: unable to load Num

ERROR[genmsg_py]: Unable to generate messages for package 'lcd-display':
while processing '/scratch/ros/asl/lcd-display/msg/Num.msg':
/scratch/ros/asl/lcd-display/msg/Num.msg: [lcd-display/Num] is not a legal
type name

As you can see, the error says that the lcd-display/Num is not legal. I took
this to mean that the message name was illegal.. Where is was actually the
package name.

I changed the name of the package to lcdDisplay and everything worked OK.

I searched the mailing lists, and could not find any help.

Hopefully this will help someone else who has this problem.


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