[ros-users] Gazebo Controller

Andreas Vogt andreas.vogt at dfki.de
Fri May 7 11:46:25 UTC 2010


Can I control my joints only with forces/torques or is there any
possibility to control the position?
Why is there a PID Controller in the yaml available if I must implement
a kind of force controller in the update() method?

    type: MyControllerPlugin
    wheel1: joint_c-w1
    p: 10.0
    i: 0.0
    d: 0.0
    i_clamp: 1

void MyControllerClass::update(){

    double desired_pos = init_pos_ + amplitude_ *
     double current_pos = joint_state_->position_;
     joint_state_->commanded_effort_ = -10 * (current_pos - desired_pos);



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