[ros-users] Commercial use of ROS

Prasad Dixit prasad.dixit at fennecfoxtech.com
Sat May 8 08:33:07 UTC 2010

Thanks Tully.
I am the owner of Fennec Fox Technologies, a robot development firm. We are 
developing a Robot named as "Eskorta" - modular AGV platform in India. We 
are implementing ROS in it.
We would like to release the code in future.
Thanks again!
Prasad Dixit


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I'm glad you like using ROS. The BSD license allows any use including
commercial use.  See http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD_licenses for a


On Friday, May 7, 2010, Prasad Dixit <prasad.dixit at fennecfoxtech.com> 
> Hello all,
> It is really pleasure of using wonderful ROS. This has been released 
under BSD licence if i am not wrong.
> I would like to know the commercial release licence terms and cost.
> Thanks,
> Prasad Dixit

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