[ros-users] Lucid Lynx recommended installation

Miguel Prada Sarasola miguel.register at gmail.com
Mon May 17 13:22:56 UTC 2010


I just installed Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 64-bit on my laptop and would like to
install ROS on it. I've found that there's no pre-compiled binary for
Lucid yet, and I wonder what would you recommend me to do in this case.
I don't want to spend more time than necessary keeping everything in
place and up to date, so installing binaries seemed the best solution
for me. Maybe installing from source and removing that installation and
moving to binaries as soon as they're available for Lucid would be the
cleanest? Does installing from source have any advantage, specially on a
64-bit Ubuntu?

Also, I've been unable to find instructions on how to update a working
ROS installation which was compiled from source. Can anyone point me in
the right direction? Just running 'rosinstall' again would do the trick?

And one last thing. I think there's something wrong on the installation
instructions wiki page for Ubuntu with pre-compiled binaries. Shouldn't
the sections 1.5 and 1.6 _not_ be there?

Best regards,
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