[ros-users] gazebo laser error message

Brian Gerkey gerkey at willowgarage.com
Mon May 17 15:13:24 UTC 2010

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 2:42 AM, Andreas Vogt
<andreasv at informatik.uni-bremen.de> wrote:
> [ERROR] 4.264000000: Client [/move_base] wants topic /base_laser to have
> datatype/md5sum
> [sensor_msgs/PointCloud/d8e9c3f5afbdd8a130fd1d2763945fca], but our
> version has [sensor_msgs/LaserScan/90c7ef2dc6895d81024acba2ac42f369].
> Dropping connection.

hi Andreas,

That error usually indicates an inconsistent or incomplete build,
where one part of the tree was built with an older message definition.
 Have you tried to 'rosmake' all packages that you're using?


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