[ros-users] Error installing ROS in Debian

Gorka Azcune gazcune at fatronik.com
Mon May 31 13:38:00 UTC 2010

Hi Tully,


Thanks for your answer. I resolved the first error installing the
lsb_release package, but I still had some other errors. It turns out
that "lsb_release -sc" returns "squeeze", whereas my Debian distro is
squeeze/sid. Moreover, rosdep.yaml is prepared for squeeze/sid, so when
it tries to resolve system dependencies it fails. I changed the
rosdep.yaml and put squeeze where squeeze/sid was written. There is
another error too: libboost-iostreams-dev package is not being installed
by rosinstall, because it is not written in rosdep.yaml. I added the
package to rosdep.yaml and I could finally compile the Box Turtle
release. Anyway, I wonder why lsb_release doesn't return squeeze/sid as
expected by rosdep.yaml. Any idea?


Thanks in advance!



>Hi Gorka,


>The ROS os detection uses "lsb_release -si" and "lsb_release -sc" when
trying to detect Debian.  Can you send what the results are of those
commands?  >It's expecting "Debian"  for the issue.


>Please note that Debian is only partially tested.  You will likely need
to add a few rosdep rules to rosdep.yaml files.  There is documentation
at >http://www.ros.org/wiki/rosdep <http://www.ros.org/wiki/rosdep>
and the tutorial


>you how to extend any rosdep for a particular distro. If you do end up
needing to extend rosdep.yaml files in stacks.  Please submit back
patches to the >stacks you have to patch so others don't have to do the
same thing ( there are tracs for each of the projects at
https://code.ros.org <https://code.ros.org/> )






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