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Kyu - Young Kim kky1638 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 1 04:04:00 UTC 2010

I am working on urdf/gazebo and openRAVE and having trouble with setting the correct offsets.I feel like I am not understanding how offsets work on urdf and would appreciate your help :)
Here is how I understood from urdf tutorials:- A joint links a child link to a parent link- origin of child link is the same as that of the joint(so if you have 0 0 0 for child link then it has the same origin as the joint)- the offset you specify for the joint is respect to the origin of the parent linkand the offset for the child link is respect to the origin of the joint
This is basically how I understood it, but I am having trouble joining different links at the correct places.Can someone explain/correct/clarify to me how offsets work on urdf and whether it works differently from openRAVE.
Thank you,Kyu-Young 		 	   		  
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