[ros-users] Problem with the laser visualization in Rviz, PLS200-214

Aaron Martinez Romero aaronmartinezromero at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 09:53:25 UTC 2010


I am reading data from a  PLS200-214 Laser, and when I display this data by
Rviz, I see a "incorrect" vision, I mean, I can not see a perfect line ( I
am orienting the laser to a wall), only I see circles.

I think that is because the Laser only capture with a resolution of 1cm.

Somebody know a method or a algorithm for filter the data to get a
aproximation of the data, for get a line when I am orienting the laser to a

I attached a image.


Best regards.

Aarón Martínez Romero
Ingeniero en Informática
Tlf: 600 283 349
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