[ros-users] Error in Publishing the composite messages

Soonhac Hong soonhac.hong at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 01:53:13 UTC 2010


I'm trying to implement the composite message of string, image and 
numbers as follows.

string name
sensor_msgs/Image left_image
sensor_msgs/Image right_image
int32 size
int32 maximum

When I ran the rostopic to generate the my_msgs, there is an errors as 
the follows.

$rostopic pub -r 1 /my_test test_msgs/my_msgs BlockMatch /BB2/left_rgb 
/BB2/right_rgb 11 256
ERROR: No key named [/BB2/left_rgb]

Args are: [name left_image.header.seq left_image.header.stamp 
left_image.header.frame_id left_image.height left_image.width 
left_image.encoding left_image.is_bigendian left_image.step 
left_image.data right_image.header.seq right_image.header.stamp 
right_image.header.frame_id right_image.height right_image.width 
right_image.encoding right_image.is_bigendian right_image.step 
right_image.data size maximum]

However, when I checked the rostopic list, /BB2/left_rgb and 
/BB2/right_rgb was publishing properly and it was double checked by 
image_view. The environment is boxturtle 1.0.5 on the Ubuntu 9.10

Any comment would be highly appreciated.


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