[ros-users] [release] orocos_tools 0.1.0 and orocos_controllers 0.1.0

Konrad Banachowicz konradb3 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 09:54:33 UTC 2010

I would like to announce first release of orocos_tools and
orocos_controllers stacks.
These stacks are intended to simplify development of OROCOS based robot
controllers and integrating them with ROS by providing set of commonly used
components.  My vision is, that integration with new hardware should be as
simple as possible, you only need to implement some low-level components
like hardware interface and servo algorithm. And reuse common components for
trajectory generation, force-control and integration with ROS. You can see
schematic of simple controller on http://www.ros.org/wiki/orocos_controllers.

Implementation is very experimental, but i have succesfully run irp6
manipulator using this. It need much more testing, but i think this is good
time to start discussion on what users would expect from those stacks.

Konrad Banachowicz
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