[ros-users] Flexible & remote transmission

Jeroen Willems jjpa.willems at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 09:36:53 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I'm currently modeling a hexapod in Gazebo but I'm currently having some

I have basically 2 questions, I hope that this is not a problem for one post
but both have to do with the transmission:

1) Between the actuators and the joints are torsion springs. I haven't found
something that incorporates flexibility between actuators and joints.
Is there some solution or workaround to obtain this or should I try an
alternative solution like writing a custom transmission?

2) As you can imagine I have 6 legs consisting of three links, basically an
elbow manipulator.
The last two links can be regarded as in a 2D-plane. The third link is
remotely driven.
This means that when rotating the second link the third link does not change
the rotation with respect to the body.
So in a 'standard' situation the third link rotates with the second link so
the angle between those two does not change.
I hope this is a bit clear.
So again is there some solution or workaround?


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