[ros-users] rospy and python 3.0

Severin Lemaignan severin.lemaignan at laas.fr
Fri Nov 26 16:50:08 UTC 2010


We are currently in the same situation as Ruben, trying to run ROS from 
Blender 2.5 (for the MORSE simulation project - morse.openrobots.org ), 
and thus, with Python 3.1.

We have started an effort to port rospy to Python 3.1 and I'm happy to 
annonce that this code snippet now runs on both Python 2.x and Python 3:

 > import roslib; roslib.load_manifest('morse')
 > import rospy
 > print("Hello world!")

:-) Don't laugh, it was 3 hours of work for 2 people! ;-)

We will continue the effort in the next few days.
If you want to contribute/test, you can simply add these two lines to 
your .rosinstall (but be warned: for now, even roscore won't start):

- git: {local-name: ros/core/rospy, uri: 
- git: {local-name: ros/core/roslib, uri: 

(attention: our work is currently based on cturtle, which is not good. 
We must rebase it on the trunk...)


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