[ros-users] Extending or refining an existing map

Patrick Goebel patrick at casbs.stanford.edu
Fri Nov 26 20:01:26 UTC 2010


I have been playing with the amcl and gmapping nodes (truly amazing) and 
so far things are working nicely.  One question that I can't seem to 
answer from the documentation is this: if I have an existing map from a 
previous gmapping session, can I extend it or refine it in a new 
session?  For example, suppose my robot maps out only part of my 
apartment on a given day.  A few days later, I want to set him loose to 
map the rest of the apartment but I'd like to start with the existing 
map.  Is this possible?  Gmapping seems to start with a clean slate 
whenever it is run.  And I tried running "rosrun mapserver map_saver" 
with amcl running but it doesn't look like amcl is updating the map (not 
that I was expecting it to).

Patrick Goebel
Behavioral Sciences
Stanford University

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