[ros-users] about the appropriate level of expertise

Domenico G. Sorrenti sorrenti at disco.unimib.it
Sun Nov 28 21:47:13 UTC 2010

>... cut (the message was speaking about gmapping)
>So at this point, it seems the only decent documentation is the
>academic paper. This is a shame because many people would be unwilling
>to digest it (nor should they have to become a SLAM expert just to
>build a decent map).
>... cut
Sorry for not replying on the topic you were raising, but I think the
sentence above to be raising an interesting question: do you think to
be appropriate for a roboticist to "avoid" SLAM problems? How such a
roboticist will be able survive in his work eco niche? Doesn't this
situation sound similar to a programmer that is beginning to work with
C++ while believing to be appropriate to do it without knowledge about
what pointers are? I'm curious to know your opinion, which is also
relevant to what is the intended audience of ROS.

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