[ros-users] Best way to view RViz remotely?

Cedric Pradalier cedric.pradalier at mavt.ethz.ch
Sat Nov 6 16:51:30 UTC 2010


You might want to look at the following page: 

ROS is designed to be running on multiple platforms. Just set the 
ROS_MASTER_URI variable to point to your robot, and rviz will be able to 
access all the topics.


On 11/06/10 16:12, Patrick Goebel wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running ROS (latest cturtle) on my robot using an onboard 1.6 Ghz
> dual-core Zotac ION-ITX with 4Gb RAM.  This setup is fairly snappy when
> I view RViz through a monitor directly attached to the robot
> motherboard.  However, I'd like to run the Zotac/robot headless and view
> RViz on my desktop.  The robot connects to my local LAN via 802.11g and
> my desktop is hardwired at 100 Mb/s. These are the only two machines on
> the network and I am running the basic navigation stack with a Hokuyo
> laser scanner.
> The best result I've gotten so far is using a VNC connection from my
> desktop to the robot.  However, updates in RViz are quite sluggish (2-3
> seconds delay).  The second best is to use "ssh -X" from the desktop to
> the robot and display RViz back to the desktop.  This is really, really
> sluggish (3-5 seconds delay).
> Is there a better way to view the robot data in RViz?
> Thanks!
> Patrick Goebel
> Behavioral Sciences
> Stanford University
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