[ros-users] Core robot controller manager

Daniel Stonier d.stonier at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 23:02:55 UTC 2010

> We are using POSIX real-time scheduler and modified linux kernel
> (rt.wiki.kernel.org).
> We are also using QNX RTOS in our legancy mrrocpp system but we are moving
> toward linux for some time.
>> Where do you think OROCOS handles things much better than the pr2
>> style approach? Or is it just that the pr2 isn't really converted for
>> generic purposes yet?
> PR2 approach isn't really reusable. It is quiet dedicated to pr2 shema of
> control (all control tightly integrated using EtherCat ), which i not usable
> for me beceose i have many diferent controllers and control schemas (we have
> diffrent control hardware for manupulators, conveyor, gripper, ptz ). OROCOS
> simplified integration of those and gives ability to implement more advanced
> controllers (indirect force control) independently of low level control.
> It's depend on hardware used, for example we have mobile base which
> integrate velocity control on board so there is no point in using real-time
> controller.
> Look at Erratic controller.

Ok, seems like it will be worth looking at in the next design phase,
thanks for sharing your experiences Konrad.

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