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Nicolás Alvarez Picco nicolasapicco at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 9 13:46:56 UTC 2010

I want to implement a path planner in a differential robot. The thing is that currently is everything simulated, I mean, gazebo simulate the erratic_diff and also the obstacles moving.
Now that I have a robot, I don't want to simulate it but as I have explained, I have  to simulated the dynamic obstacles because I cant implement that. 
So for that I need to use gazebo. At the end I want to have the dynamic scenario simulated and the real position and laser info of the robot.
I hope you can understand what I am trying to do..
Is it to bad to use sim_time in this situation that I am using simulated info and real info and with all that creating a path, which then let me send cmd_vel msgs to a my robot??

Thanks for answering

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Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 17:03:18 -0800
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You could write a node that replay bag files containing the obstacle laser and odometry data synchronized to simulation time while the simulation is running.  Probably need to create another node that reads the published odometry data and sets the model pose in simulation as well.  I do not know your simulation experiment setup, maybe you can explain a bit more on what you're testing?


2010/11/7 Nicolás Alvarez Picco <nicolasapicco at hotmail.com>

Hi everyone!!

I am working in a path planning development, the thing is it calculates the plan according dynamic obstacles. I am trying to implement that, but the problem is that my robot hasn t the proper sensor to recognize those obstacles, so i will simulate them. Therefore, someone knows how I can send the gazebo the laser and odometry information taken from my robot, so with the simulated obstacles my algorithm can calculate the best path?

Any idea for me is the great help.

Thanks in advance.



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