[ros-users] ROS - Where to start/viable options etc

Bence Magyar mw.mzperx at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 12:18:52 UTC 2010


I'm also still learning to use ROS with the higher goal of getting an
Arduino system work with it. I'm experiencing with ROS using a Lego NXT, I'd
recommend using it to you as well. There are a quite nice stack for it and
after you managed to get do all you need you'll just have to take a look at
how the guys made the "drivers".

For "Hello ROS" there is a tutorial at
http://www.ros.org/wiki/ROS/StartGuide or for the NXT at
http://www.ros.org/wiki/nxt .

Good luck with them :)

Bence Magyar

2010/11/10 mark <mark at mxnet.f2s.com>

>  Hi Group,
> Just looking for some advise here on how I can best use ROS
> Where I am now:
>         At the moment I've hand crafted s/w. It's broken up into two main
> parts - the lower level stuff (Running on a SH7032 chip) to control the
> robot's hardware and communicate with the host system, all reactive
> behaviours (avoid, escape et al). And the Host system higher level functions
> (Navigation, Path planning, Mapping etc). More info at *
> http://toeminator.com/Toeminator/ToeminatorIndex.htm*<http://toeminator.com/Toeminator/ToeminatorIndex.htm>
> Wants:
>         I'm looking to experiment with the ROS, the point I'd like to get
> to is have a visual UI of my robots environment, ideally using SLAM (I'm not
> sure what modules there are for sonar data?) and replicate the host side of
> the system. To that end I wondered if anyone could give me some starting
> points. I've had a quick look at the tutorials and loaded the s/w onto a
> virtual box.
> I would guess my simplest starting point would be to develop something that
> would sit between the current server (Sends/receives data to/from the robot)
> and the ROS. Which is where I get somewhat lost. What do I need to develop?
> Is there a common ROS message format? What packages/modules should I be
> looking to use to get something tangible up and running? Is there a "Hello
> ROS" starting point I could usefully use. Or am I barking up the completely
> wrong tree?
> Many Thanks
> Mark
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