[ros-users] FYI Kinect hacked driver for linux

Stéphane Magnenat stephane.magnenat at mavt.ethz.ch
Fri Nov 12 15:23:30 UTC 2010

Hi Alex and the list,

> Wow, looks like quite a few people are working on kinect nodes; we
> should probably combine efforts!

Indeed :-). I've had a look at your node, great work! I've taken the 
liberty of importing your roslaunch file and the udev rules into my node 
(while mentioning you of course).

For information for people following the list, here is a summary of 
differences between our nodes:

	Alex: git://github.com/atrevor/kinect_node.git

	Alex: depth and camera + color on depth + params
	Stéphane: depth and camera

	Alex: libusb, libfreenect, OpenGL, Glut
	Stéphane: libusb, libfreenect

After testing here, we found that the pow(value, 3) correction in 
Hector's example is wrong. We will look for the correct value.

By the way, in the current git upstream of libfreenect there is a memory 
trash. I made a patch [1] and sent it to Hector.

Kind regards,



Dr Stéphane Magnenat

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