[ros-users] ar_pose orientation accuracy

Steven Bellens steven.bellens at mech.kuleuven.be
Mon Nov 15 15:08:30 UTC 2010


not sure if I should open a new topic for this, but it looks like the
ar_pose package is not functioning properly anymore. Attached is a
screenshot I get (tested on multiple computers) when running the demo
launch file demo_multi.launch with the provided bag file. The tracking
process completely mis-estimates the marker position as you can see.
I've looked into the git history to try to find any recent changes
which can explain this, but I haven't found anything useful.
Do others see the same behaviour?
Did the package recently undergo any changes which might cause this?



2010/11/8 Ivan Dryanovski <ivan.dryanovski at gmail.com>:
>> First is to use arGetTransMatCont(...) which reduces jitter by using
>> previous frame estimates in the optimization process (see
>> examples/simpleTest2.c).
> If I recall correctly the ar_pose package uses this function by
> default - it can be disabled by setting the "use_history" parameter to
> false.
> Ivan
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