[ros-users] accelerometer and tilt support + depth function

Ivan Dryanovski ivan.dryanovski at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 17:21:39 UTC 2010

Hi Stéphane,

I will take a look at your depth function and see how it works for us.
Thank you for sharing it!

As for the naming conventions, we are currently using two different
frames for the two cameras - kinect_rgb and kinect_depth.


2010/11/15 Stéphane Magnenat <stephane at magnenat.net>:
> Hello,
> I have integrated the accelerometer and tilt support from adafruit [1]
> into my kinect node. To do so, I have added them to libfreenect, for
> which I now provide a git with my changes instead of patches in my
> kinect node [3].
> Here at ASL, Deon Sabatta and Davide Scaramuzza have found a more
> precise depth function than 1/x. It is the following:
>        depth = k3 * tan(pixVal/k2 + k1)
> where
>        k1 = 1.1863
>        k2 = 2842.5
>        k3 = 0.1236
> "The k2 value is very sensitive and may require more/better
> measurements; however, this is a pretty good approximation for the moment."
> I would like to raise two questions:
> 1. Having multiple implementations of Kinect ROS nodes is not harmful as
> we happily share code. However, to ease the end-user's life I think that
> we should agree on a naming convention for node and topic naming. Here
> is a first suggestion:
>   node name: "kinect"
>   point cloud frame: "/kinect"
>   point could topic: "/kinect/cloud" (PointCloud + color in "rgb")
>   rgb image topic: "/kinect/image" (Image, rgb)
>   depth (raw in 8bpp) image topic: "/kinect/depth_image" (Image, mono8)
>   accelerometer topic: "/kinect/acc" (Vector3)
>   tilt input: "/kinect/tilt" (Int16)
> Feel free to discuss it and propose more conventions, for instance for
> the params/etc.
> 2. I have branched libfreenect to provide updates more easily to the ROS
> community, but I do not want to fork it. Hector, your input is warmly
> welcome on my changes. Currently, libfreenect is not reentrant and does
> not have clean naming prefixes. The reentrance might require a bit of
> thinking, but the naming is straightforward; do you agree if I put a
> heading kinect_ before all public functions?
> I'm looking forward to hearing your comments, dear kinect hackers.
> Kind regards,
> Stéphane
> [1] https://github.com/adafruit/Kinect
> [2] https://github.com/ethz-asl/ros-drivers/tree/master/microsoft_kinect/
> [3] https://github.com/stephanemagnenat/libfreenect
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