[ros-users] accelerometer and tilt support + depth function

Stéphane Magnenat stephane.magnenat at mavt.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 17 10:25:27 UTC 2010

On 17/11/10 10:49, Melonee Wise wrote:
> Yes it's a branch but anyone is welcome to take my changes. I haven't
>  added the accelerometer to the driver but I can add it (is there any
>  preference on units), I am also trying to find if the current tilt
> position is published by the kinect so I can add a get method.

I have forked your rep and added the accelerometers, see [1]. As 
Matthieu suggested, we might want to use this call to update the tilt 
position and store it in freenect_device. But the problem is that it 
will be updated only when the get_accelerometer is called. Do we want to 
add a thread doing this in background and updating cached values inside 

Kind regards,


[1] https://github.com/stephanemagnenat/libfreenect

Dr Stéphane Magnenat

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