[ros-users] Laser_data Working with gazebo

Nicolás Alvarez Picco nicolasapicco at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 24 09:17:04 UTC 2010

Hi Everybody,

I am working in simulation, specifically I am simulating a diff robot in Gazebo, but now I need to use the laser_data of the robot. So actually I don't know how to subscribe to that topic, I mean I can not find information about how can I acquire that info. I know the laser take a number of samples that I guess you can set in the model, but the msg sensor_msgs/LaserScan  is an array that has all those points? Is available an standard code for subscribing this kind of msg. Because I looked into the amcl code, although it is very difficult for my C ++ level. 
I have read the info about the sensor_msgs/LaserScan, though it gives info about the angles, times, but I dont know how can I get each point return by the laser so later with the tf I can know where they are inside a map.
Any kind of help is useful. Thanks.


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