[ros-users] call for testing: camera1394 in C-turtle

Eric Perko wisesage5001 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 02:16:12 UTC 2010

Does it happen with other USB cameras? For example, a UVC compatible webcam
(big list of supported devices here: http://www.ideasonboard.org/uvc/ )?

Perhaps the problem is just the IIDC over USB driver on ARM? Do you get
similar errors on an x86 PC?

- Eric

On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 9:06 PM, Andrew Harris <andrew.unit at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi -
>   So after some more tinkering, the problems I have been having with
> my Point Grey Chameleon on the beagleboard xm don't have anything to
> do with the camera.  The problems seem to be the beagleboard xm and
> it's USB interface.  I am getting messages like:
> "[11646.000000] usb 1-2: device descriptor read/64, error -71"
>   which I thought were due to the camera, but I have plugged in
> another device and I get the same messages.  It seems like keyboards
> and mice and other simple things work fine, but "more complex" things
> for some value of complex seem not to work on the beagleboard xm.
>   The problem is somewhat intermittent -- I've got at least two
> bagfiles that show camera1394 working OK on the beagleboard xm with
> the Point Grey Chameleon doing IIDC over USB.  But I am certainly not
> going to use this set up for an autonomous robot at this point!
> regards,
> -andrew
> On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 1:28 AM, Andrew Harris <andrew.unit at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 11:31 PM, Eric Perko <wisesage5001 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >> There is a wiki page that talks about some of the alignment issues that
> have
> >> come up with ROS on ARM.
> >> http://www.ros.org/wiki/eros/alignment (take a look at the linked
> ticket as
> >> well). Also take a look at this
> >> thread:
> http://code.ros.org/lurker/thread/20101122.232925.f0d885ce.en.html and
> >> perhaps try the -msoft-float option and see if that changes anything.
> >
> > Hi Eric,
> >
> >   Thanks for the suggestion.  I applied Josh's patch, and that seems
> > to have fixed the problem within dynamic_reconfigure.  I think
> > camera1394 might be working now -- I'm getting some intermittent
> > results because I think my camera may be occasionally exceeding the
> > power limits of the USB host bus on the beagleboard.  I am going to
> > try connecting the camera to a powered hub and see if I can get more
> > reliable results.  Thanks to you both again for your help.
> >
> > regards,
> > -andrew
> >
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