[ros-users] rospy and python 3.0

Severin Lemaignan severin.lemaignan at laas.fr
Tue Nov 30 17:42:22 UTC 2010


Short update on the "Python 3 support" front.

We've rebased our work on the trunk of ROS, and I'm happy to annonce 
that the 'ros stack' test suite now almost pass on both Python 2.6 and 3.1:

$ cd $ROS_ROOT
$ rosmake -t

I say 'almost' because the test_rospack still fails with this error:

   Unable to find test results for TEST-test_utest.xml, test did not 
run. Expected results in .ros/test_results/test_rospack/TEST-test_utest.xml

which does not seem to be related to the port to Python 3 (but I may be 
wrong: it may be some side-effect...)

Porting what we did on the rospy package to the SVN trunk is still pending.

Be aware that the new version requires Python >= 2.6 (but I think it was 
already assumed from the syntax I saw in the original files).

I had some issues with regexp in junitxml.py:_read_file_safe_xml() so I 
commented it out for now.

I've re-organized the GIT repos by stacks, and the changes to the ros 
stack are here:

Find attached the (huge) patch against SVN trunk.

Comments most welcome!


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