[ros-users] No module named PyKDL???

Huang, Wesley whuang at irobot.com
Wed Oct 20 18:41:20 UTC 2010

i'm a little confused about KDL and python.  i have a C++ node that is using KDL just fine, so i know it's installed.  however, i can't seem to get it imported into a python node.  i should mention that i'm running boxturtle (installed just prior to the ROS tutorial at ICRA 2010).

in my manifest.xml, i have:

    <depend package="kdl"/>

(i've tried PyKDL, KDL, etc., but they cause errors during rosmake)

in my python code, i have:

    import PyKDL

following one of the KDL tutorial wiki pages.

when i try to rosrun the node, i get "ImportError: No module named PyKDL"  (and kdl, KDL, pykdl, etc. don't work either)

is there something wrong with my installation?  do i need to install python bindings to KDL separately?


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