[ros-users] ROS_NOBUILD for stacks?

Ken Conley kwc at willowgarage.com
Wed Oct 6 16:11:01 UTC 2010

Hi Ben,

You may want to look at "rosprotect", which I spotted in Daniel's new
documentation for eros:

It probably can give you the effect you're looking for.

 - Ken

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 6:46 AM, Axelrod, Benjamin <baxelrod at irobot.com> wrote:
> I understand the usage of ROS_NOBUILD and ROS_BUILD_BLACKLIST and that they
> work on packages.  But are there any plans to extend their usage to also
> work on stacks?
> Or better yet, to be able to place them at any location in
> the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH which will cause all directories underneath to be
> excluded?

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