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Tue Sep 21 18:39:23 UTC 2010

may be an extra or missing trigger pulse. I'm going to try to
reproduce this on one of our robots...

I wonder if you could send me a bag of the following topics:
/head_camera_trigger/waveform, /projector_trigger/waveform,
/projector_trigger/on_time, /projector_trigger/off_time,
/narrow_stereo_textured/right/camera_info. You can make this one
pretty long, say a minute, as it is a lot less data.

> Do you think, that is solvable at all?

Hard to know until we know what the problem is.

> Can the projector be switched on and
> off instead of being modulated?

The projector cannot be turned on continuously because it would
overheat. It is limited to 2 ms pulses (I forget the exact duty
cycle). You can of course turn it off all the time, but I don't see
how that would help you if you need alternating mode.

One last thing: if you want to be able to filter out the images that
are having trouble, I believe that you can use the image timestamp.
The timestamps should be totally periodic when things are working
well. When you get the bad images, the interval between two images
will be different from what it usually is.


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