[ros-users] Precise timing of sick lasers

Blaise Gassend blaise at willowgarage.com
Thu Sep 23 20:39:48 UTC 2010

Hi Ros users,

I am considering making a change to the sicklms node that will change
the time stamp that is put on the packets by half a scan period. I am
looking for feedback from the community on:

a. Will this break your code?
b. Do you have any data that says whether the new version will be more accurate?

You can have a look this ticket for the history of this proposed
change: https://code.ros.org/trac/ros-pkg/ticket/4290

The new version is in trunk so you can give it a spin if you like.

The proposed change makes a different assumption about when
GetSickScan from sicktoolbox returns. Up to now, the assumption has
been that GetSickScan returns just before data starts being acquired
for the next scan. In the new version, the assumption is that
GetSickScan returns when the laser is at 180 degrees (just finished
collecting data). Reality is probably somewhere in between. Does
anybody know what the laser's position is when GetSickScan returns?
How much does this depend on the laser model?


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