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William Woodall wjwwood at gmail.com
Sun Sep 26 21:33:54 UTC 2010

So I have been trying to get ROS to compile in VS2010 and I have run into
and solved a few problems.  Setting the BOOST_COMPILER_NAME to vc90 for
MSVC10 allowed cmake to finish and to use the vc10 compiler but with the
vs90 boost libraries, but that has lead to some pretty significant linking
errors, I was able to remove some of them by following the directions here:
but I still am unable to link two of the builds due to linking errors with
boost_thread and regex.  Another issue I ran into was that log4cxx does not
compile under vs2010 and I was able to get around those errors (I think) by
following the post here:
http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.apache.logging.log4cxx.user/2842.  It
is my opinion that using the boost 1_44 vs10 libraries and setting up the
cmake file to be able to use external boost installations optionally would
fix the rest of these issues and allow it to compile and link.  I am going
to try and force it to use boost 1_44 and vs10 libs to see if this is true,
tomorrow perhaps.

Hope this helps,

William Woodall
Graduate Software Engineering
Auburn University
w at auburn.edu
wjwwood at gmail.com

On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 2:52 AM, Christian Verbeek <
verbeek at servicerobotics.eu> wrote:

> > I am trying to build this with VS10 and so I am adding cases to the
> > cmake files where necessary, but the version of boost that you guys
> > are shipping does not have VS10 compiler versions.  So, I have been
> > trying to use an outside boost installation (1_44).  What is the
> > easiest way to go about this, because all of the variables are getting
> > set through find_library which has the library search path hard coded
> > to the externals folder in the repository?  Should I add to the
> > find_library search path some how or for my one-off compiling short
> > circuit the boost_single_lib macro?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> There should be no problem using the VS09 boost libraries with VS10. In
> FindMyBoost.cmake use
> and remove all the rest. The distinction is just a relic from times we used
> VS2005 and VS2003. We will check this in detail on Monday.
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