[ros-users] ROS client port help

qiang yu yuq825 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 07:23:12 UTC 2011

Hi, I'm working on adding real-time support to Linux (
http://rgmp.sourceforge.net/ ). The strategy is simple: run Linux on one
CPU, and run some RTOS on another CPU. Now I've ported NuttX and uC/OS to be
the RTOS and established a virtual network between Linux and those RTOSes.

I want to make the RTOS side programs to be an ROS node. I know somebody
also want to port an ROS client library to embedded systems but I can't find
any work on Internet.

My need is almost the same: have non-Linux RTOS, have network interface and
socket API, programming language is C/C++, port ROS client library.

Please give me some suggestion or similar project so that I can easily port
the client library instead of writing one from scratch.
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