[ros-users] asctec_drivers and mav_tools updates

Ivan Dryanovski ivan.dryanovski at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 16:00:10 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

We pushed out new debian releases of the asctec_drivers, mav_tools, and  
scan_tools stacks, The stacks support diamondback, electric, and unstable.

Here are some highlights of the changes:

  - canonical_scan_matcher has been renamed to laser_scan_matcher;
  - laser_scan_matcher now supports multiple sources of predictive input  
such as imu, odometry, and alpha-beta velocity tracking; can work with  
laser scans or pcl pointclouds
  - laser_ortho_projector behavior significantly changed to match new  
laser_scan_matcher - check the wiki page for details

  - Imu messages published by asctec_proc now take data from the  
IMUCalcData/acc_*_calib fields (instead of previous incorrect acc_*). The  
values are measured in different frames of reference; if you are using the  
/mab/Imu messages, you will need to account for this change.

We also improved the nodelet support in all packages and fixed various  
bugs reported by the community.



Ivan Dryanovski
The City College of New York

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