[ros-users] new package: ssc32py

Mark Kalmes mark at kalmes.org
Fri Aug 12 11:39:38 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I put together a new package I would like to submit to ros.org. It runs the
SSC-32 controller from Lynxmotion. It differs from the current SSC-32
package in that it implements a full ROS server that listens for angle
comands and publishes servo state. It also takes ROS parameters to configure
the attached servos and gives them logical names. It is based strongly on
the Robotis library, and portions of the code are copyrighted by HRL. It is
BSD licensed.



The wiki suggested just posting to this list, so I'm not sure if there are
any other steps to follow. The code works well with my arm, but only has
this for testing. There is a sample launch file, sample client, and sample
config YAML file in the package.

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