[ros-users] ROS package git repository conventions?

Ibrahim Awwal ibrahim.awwal at berkeley.edu
Mon Aug 15 20:05:27 UTC 2011

Hi ROS users,

We're considering/planning on switching to git/github for the Berkeley 
ROS package. What are the conventions on structure and such that people 
are using? With svn we have a url like this 
http://ros.berkeley.edu/svn/berkeley-ros-pkg/ with all our stuff, with 
git would it be preferrable to have one repo called berkeley-ros-pkg or 
separate repos for each stack and maybe link them together with 
submodules? What are other people doing that are using git? It seems 
like at least TUM is using separate repos per project on their git repo 
(which seems to be the much more sane route) but I was wondering if 
there was any requirement to have something called foo-ros-pkg 
somewhere. Thanks,


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