[ros-users] Rosco - ros.org checkout tool

Ibrahim Awwal ibrahim.awwal at berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 18 22:30:24 UTC 2011

... Because life's too short to spend time copying URLs off of ros.org
wiki pages... 

So, in a bout of severe laziness I wrote a tiny bash script
to automatically checkout a package/stack that's listed on ros.org. I
affectionately call it rosco, short for ros checkout. You can grab it here:
https://gist.github.com/1155414 . If someone like this already exists, I
will feel slightly foolish, but it took me a handful of minutes to write so
it's already saved me enough time to have been worth writing. It's pretty
simple, stick it somewhere in your path (probably want to rename it to
rosco and make it executable for ease of use) and then just give it the
name of the package or stack you want to install. For example, all you need
to do to check out the 3d_navigation stack (can't wait until it works btw!)
is type `rosco 3d_navigation`, and it will look up the repository
information automatically and check it out. Currently supports svn, git,
and hg, because those were the three that I noticed, haven't really found
any exhaustive list of VCS software that's used in ROS packages though,
mainly due to lack of trying (although I guess I could probably script that
too). Depends on roslocate being on your PATH (which I guess comes as part
of rosinstall). Happy coding!  
-Ibrahim Awwal
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