[ros-users] New Repository Submission

Toris, Russell Charles rctoris at WPI.EDU
Mon Aug 22 11:52:50 UTC 2011


I am writing to submit a new *-ros-pkg repository for indexing. The  wpi-rail-ros-pkg repository contains released ROS software developed by the RAIL (Robot Autonomy and Interactive Learning) group at WPI. We will be releasing different ROS stacks and packages that we develop for our research or just for fun. Currently, a nao_openni package (a package for using natural interface to control the Nao) and revamp of the rovio stack (the previous version maintained by I-Heart-Robotics has been moved to an 'end of live' release) are released. The repository is live now at: https://github.com/WPI-RAIL/wpi-rail-ros-pkg . Once the repository is indexed, we hope to quickly document the current stacks/packages an release new code shortly.

Russell Toris

Russell Toris
Graduate Student | WPI Department of Computer Science
(203) 984-4571 | rctoris at wpi.edu

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