[ros-users] ROS Electric Beta now available

Patrick Goebel patrick at pirobot.org
Mon Aug 1 20:14:17 UTC 2011

Hi Wim,

Thanks for the clarification.  No inconvenience on my end--I found it 
again fairly quickly but yeah, it occurred to me that moving it was a 
little odd.


On 08/01/2011 10:26 AM, Wim Meeussen wrote:
> Patrick,
>> Thanks to Mike Ferguson who pointed me to the ChangeList
>> (http://www.ros.org/wiki/robot_model/ChangeList) on the ROS Wiki that
>> allowed me to answer my own question--yes, the URDF package has been
>> reorganized in Electric (beta) and check_urdf is now in urdf_parser.
> This is actually a "bug", the user experience when working with the
> urdf package should not have changed. The re-organization of the
> robot_model stack was done to support parsing of both URDf and COLLADA
> files into a urdf object. This means you can use your existing
> urdf-based code and feed it either URDF or COLLADA files.  I re-added
> the check_urdf tool in the urdf stack; the tool now supports both URDF
> and COLLADA files, and will go out in the next release.
> Hope this didn't cause too much inconvenience.
> Wim

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