[ros-users] ROS Community Metrics Report

Brian Gerkey gerkey at willowgarage.com
Wed Aug 24 00:32:03 UTC 2011

On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 12:52 AM, Ingo Lütkebohle <iluetkeb at gmail.com> wrote:

hi Ingo,

Thanks for the feedback.  I've added your suggestions to the Metrics
page, with an invitation for other people to add their own:

> awesome :-) I particularly found the engagement stats to be quite
> impressive, that's really showing how the community is involved. For
> the future, I'd like to suggest that showing how the page-edits are
> spread across users,

Yeah, a histogram of edits across users would be good.  Same for
answers across users (karma is a proxy for answers).

> and how big the edits are would make it even more
> interesting.

Good idea.  Any idea on how to extract that data from Moin?

> Also, the number and size of code-checkins are one
> obvious addition that would be great to see.

I thought about this, but wasn't sure how to do it.  Given the
federated nature of ROS, with code living in so many different
repositories, should we crawl them all and extract stats?  I guess
that we have, in the indexer's database, URIs for the known repos.
Any volunteers to write an extension to the indexer to pull VCS stats?

> btw, I'm not familiar with Google Analytics so I don't how much its
> giving you that wasn't shown, but we found Piwik to be a very nice
> tool, particularly because of the exit statistics, and the goal
> tracking. With the latter, one can define "goal pages",
> differentiating them from index pages such as /wiki/. Check out
> http://piwik.org/docs/tracking-goals-web-analytics/ and
> http://demo.piwik.org/ Its more geared towards a site-improvement look
> than pure statistics, but does both very well.

Google Analytics is very flexible, and I'm pretty sure that it does
both things that you've mentioned.  I just took a very tiny slice of
the data offered.  Because we have a bunch of history on several or
our sites with Google Analytics, I'd rather stick with Google unless
there's some critical that it doesn't do.  Suggestions on what exactly
to show are most welcome.


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