[ros-users] CFP: ROSCon 2012 (extended deadline)

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Are any ROS users who are using Pioneer robots (and other MobileRobots robots, or Greg Dudek's Aqua2 underwater vehicle which we're doing sales for) thinking of attending ROSCon?  I'll be there and would be interested in participating in a small workshops, or even just a "BoF" style informal get together, to talk about and learn more about ROS and any issues or thoughts on ROS on Pioneers.... I must admit I am still a bit of a ROS novice, I've only played with it a bit, and would welcome the opportunity to dive a little deeper and at the same time help out anyone working with our robots.   Let me know in the next few days and I'll send in an official proposal to the committee.

Also, we will have a variety of our robots already at ICRA (definitely a P3DX for instance), so if anyone wants to borrow one to do any kind of demos, workshops, etc. let me know what you need for OS and devices and I'll set it up and bring it to ROScon.


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** New proposal deadline: 11 December 2011 **

By popular demand, the deadline for submitting a proposal for a ROSCon session has been extended to 11 December 2011.  Please send proposals to submit at roscon.ros.org.


Call for Proposals: ROSCon 2012
Hilton Garden Inn St. Paul City Center
St. Paul, Minnesota
19-20 May 2012
(immediately following ICRA)

Details: http://roscon.ros.org/
Proposals: submit at roscon.ros.org
Questions: info at roscon.ros.org

ROSCon 2012 is a chance for ROS developers of all levels, beginner to expert, to spend an extraordinary weekend learning from and networking with the ROS community.  Get tips and tricks from experts, network, and share ideas with fellow developers from around the globe.

ROSCon is a developers' conference, in the model of PyCon and BoostCon. The two-day program will comprise tech talks and tutorials that will introduce you to new tools and libraries, and teach you more about the ones you already know. The bulk of the program will be 30-40-minute presentations (some may be longer or shorter).

** Want to present at ROSCon?  Submit a proposal!  For details on proposing, go to http://roscon.ros.org/ **

If you don't want to make a formal presentation, you should still bring your new project or idea to ROSCon!

There will be several sessions of Lightning Talks, which are 5-minute mini-talks that are scheduled just-in-time at the conference. There will also be open space for Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) meetings, impromptu hacking sessions, and informal presentations.

On behalf of the ROSCon 2012 Organizing Committee:

   Ryan Gariepy, Clearpath Robotics
   Brian Gerkey, Willow Garage
   Cédric Pradalier, ETH Zürich
   Matthew Williamson, Heartland Robotics

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