[ros-users] Introduction To ROS

jabyers at clemson.edu jabyers at clemson.edu
Tue Feb 1 16:59:41 UTC 2011

My name is Jason Byers and I am an Electrical Engineering student at
Clemson University. I am doing an undergraduate assignment in which my
professor wants me to download ROS and figure out how to use it and it's
SLAM code to build a map of a building and run one of the lab robots
through this building. However, being an electrical engineering student
versus a computer engineering student, I am not very good at coding. I was
wondering if someone could point me towards a tutorial or give me advice
as to how to at least start this task? I have downloaded ROS, but am not
really sure as to how I am supposed to use it or even get to it.
Thanks for any help,
Jason Byers

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