[ros-users] Selecting appropriate Laptop for ROS

Amir H. Soltanzadeh amirhst at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 09:06:53 UTC 2011

Dear all,

Sorry again for another general question!

I want to buy a laptop to run ROS on our custom made robot (which has 2
hokuyo LRF, 1 Xsens IMU, 1 Vedere STOC, 12 Devantech SRF08 UR and an onboard
2 GHz Pentium M) for autonomous navigation/manipulation in rough terrain.
But, I'm not sure if I should buy Macbook Pro core i7 or something else!

I'll appreciate it, if you advice me to choose the proper one.


Amir Hossein Soltanzadeh
ME @ R&D Dep. in ISOP Int. Co.
RA @ Robotics lab in IAUCTB
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web: www.isop-co.com
blog: amirhst.blogspot.com
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