[ros-users] roslaunch - include extra launch file

koen buys koen.buys at mech.kuleuven.be
Mon Feb 7 14:17:24 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I'm including the image_view package (which is in its own launch file)
in another launch file, when I launch this second launch file it seems
that the image_view is executed from ~/.ros/ folder and also saves
it output there. Is this default behavior? I would like that my
included launch files also start from the $PWD location.



This is the content from image_view launch file:

koen at pma-09-031
~/ros/private-kul-ros-pkg/kul_sensor_launch/launch/streaming $ cat
 	<param name="use_sim_time" value="false"/>
	<!-- Displaying the images directly without RVIZ -->
  	<node pkg="image_view" type="image_view" respawn="false"
name="prosilica_viewer_color_584" output="screen"
launch-prefix="gnome-terminal -x">
    		<param name="autosize" type="bool" value="False" />
    		<param name="window_name" type="str" value="'Prosilica Camera
584 (Color)'" />
    		<remap from="image" to="prosilica_584/image_color" />

And I include it like this:

<include file="$(find kul_sensor_launch)/launch/imview/imview_584.launch" />

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