[ros-users] trying to run the inpromptu_buttons competition winner

nick weldin nickweldinltd at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 11:39:01 UTC 2011


I am trying to get the impromtu_buttons up and running. I am new to ROS so
am finding my way.

I am using a clean install of ubuntu 10.4

Installed using the recently amended instructions to account for eigen3
issues and everything succesfully builds. I paste the three commands into
separate terminal windows in the order they are listed on the projects web
page and get the following message

finding normals took:  7.71848  for 307200 indices.
segmentNorms took:  0.091208  for 891 indices.
cluster 0  has 78
cluster 1  has 180
cluster 2  has 49
cluster 3  has 139
cluster 4  has 97
cluster 5  has 37
chose cluster 1  with 180
Eigen3::ei_matrix_array<T, Size, MatrixOptions, 16>::ei_matrix_array() [with
T = float, int Size = 4, int MatrixOptions = 0]: Assertion
`(reinterpret_cast<size_t>(array) & 0xf) == 0 && "this assertion is
explained here: " "http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/dox/UnalignedArrayAssert.html"
" **** READ THIS WEB PAGE !!! ****"' failed.
/opt/ros/cturtle/ros/bin/rosrun: line 35:  3498 Aborted
$exepath "$@"

Not familiar enough with the enviroment yet to look into what the webpage
suggests, so wondering if this is a know problem and there is a simple
solution, or have I made a mistake on the install.


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