[ros-users] stereo image sync

Asghari Oskoei, Mohammadreza m.asghari-oskoei at herts.ac.uk
Tue Feb 15 10:47:54 UTC 2011

I setup a pair of prosilica camera, in mode 640x480 in two exposure rates 5 and 0.5 ,
When I subscribe to their topics by either "rostopic hz /stereo/left/image_rect_color" or "rostopic hz /stereo/left/image_raw"

In exposure rate 0.5, receive all messages without missing any  and then it repeats again
In exposure rate 5, receive just 1 message and miss other 4 messages then it repeats again

I tried this in different rates and found out that I just can receive two messages (one left and one right) per second (or per ROS refresh rate), and any more messages would be missed by ROS.

The other point is that when I run stereo_image_proc  it crashes as soon as starting to subscribe to it by either stereo_view or face_detector.

Anyone can help, please?
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