[ros-users] rosrun rviz rviz--kinect&openni

Nutan Chen ntchen86 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 11:02:28 UTC 2011

Hi, I have some problems to ask your help! I use kinect with openni.

after running  rosrun rviz rviz, the log shows,
[ INFO] [1297759443.332189019]: Loading general config from
[ INFO] [1297759443.342981796]: Loading display config from
[ERROR] [1297759444.477791717]: No techniques available for material
[ERROR] [1297759444.479695234]: No techniques available for material
[ERROR] [1297759444.558933075]: No techniques available for material

Although RViz appears, flashing green light on the kinect sensor(may be
because the sensor is connected but it can't be verified. Then, I set the
Fixed Frame to openni_depth_optical_frame, and added a Point Cloud2 display,
and set the topic to /camera/depth/points2. Turning the background to light
gray. In another terminal, i used rosrun image_view image_view image_view
image:=/camera/rgb/image_color, and the log is,

terminate called after throwing an instance of
  what():  Unable to load plugin for transport 'image_view', error string:
According to the loaded plugin descriptions the class
image_transport/image_view_sub with base class type
image_transport::SubscriberPlugin does not exist. Declared types are

Please help me check the
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