[ros-users] ccny: asctec_autopilot serial interface communication

Steven Bellens steven.bellens at mech.kuleuven.be
Tue Feb 15 12:08:52 UTC 2011


Been a while since I used the asctec_autopilot node for communication
with the Pelican. I build the master branch and tried to launch it,
but somehow communication is not setup properly - it gives me some
error about 'insufficient data' when I try to read from the Pelican. I
switched back to the code I was working on last year (somewhere mid
august) which works fine (/origin/sbellens).
Checking the diff I see a lot of the low-level communication commands
have been rewritten and header fields are added to the ROS messages.
Can someone confirm whether the current code works with the Pelican
helicopter? Do I have to add something in my client code to get
up-to-date? I'm still using the XBee communication interface.



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