[ros-users] Announcing answers.ros.org

Melonee Wise mwise at willowgarage.com
Wed Feb 16 01:49:50 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone -

Over the last couple months we've seen an increase in the volume of emails
on ros-users and no one likes too many emails. So we put together
answers.ros.org to provide an alternative forum for asking and answering
questions. If you're really love getting all that email you can still have
it by signing up for answers.ros.org and setup your profile to receive all
traffic like before. However if you prefer lower volume you can filter based
on tags (whitelist or blacklist). This does not mean we're doing away with
ros-users, we would like to use this mailing list more for announcements and
general discussion rather than individual troubleshooting. We would to like
to encourage everyone to signup at answers.ros.org
http://answers.ros.org/account/signin/ .  Go ask questions and provide
answers as usual.

If you have questions or feedback about the site use "answers.ros.org" as
the tag so that we get your feedback.

Your Friendly ROS Developers
- Melonee & Tully
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